Monday, April 30, 2007

ice cream and fun in the sun

The first pictures was taken last night when Emma was eating her favorite a popsicle, i am lovng the lighting on this picture and she is so in to her popsicle. the second picture was Audrey eating my fav passion punch sherbet from Schwann's some had fallen on her arm and she was eating it off of her arm, the last picture is from today at the park. Yes we went again I wanted to wear the kids out. I have to work today from 3-7 and chris took my camera for some training for tonight. they are going to have a big tank simulated that catches fire, it is going to be so hot tonight. the forecast is for 90 today, yawza.

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Jennifer said...

When I saw that pic of Audrey, it looked like she was biting herself. I thought maybe she wasn't getting enough of Emma. LOL!! Cute pics of all 3!

Stephanie said...

Those are too cute Maggie had a popsicle too tonight it was too cold at first but she got used to it fast.

Amanda said...

Nothing like nice COLD popsicle on a HOT day! Love that picture.