Friday, April 13, 2007

sisters forever

this picture isn't from today but i love this one b/c they look so much alike. Emma and Audrey follow each other around all the time. not don't get me wrong they will beat the crap out of one another also. today was another dreay day, i am extremely tired but i got to the gym at 6am this am to work out, go me. Then we went to the St. louis mills where i did strike some bargains at childrens place, i could have shopped alot more but when you have three two year olds with you shopping is like spending control. do you think Chris taught them what to do when we go shopping? Chris's friend John is making his debut in his new band tonight so here is to you John, good luck!
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Amanda said...

That is a great picture one that they'll cherish once they get a bit older.