Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thank you God

Today was one of a parents worsts nightmares. It started off that we were going to go to the park, first we went to the firehouse to visit daddy and then we were going to go to McDonalds for lunch then off to the park. well the kids love running at the firehouse and apparently Christian ran into Audrey and knocked her down where she hit her head on the concrete and lost consciousness, her body went limp and her eyes rolled back into her head. chris thought she was going to start having seizures b/c her body was rigid, he calmly said call 911, i was chilling not paying any attention until i see her limp body in his arms, i then lost it, i fell onto my knees and started screaming, God dont' let my baby die, I was not the calm mother, thank God Chris was calm. Her lips were blue and she just had this dazed look on her face, i couldn't reach any of the grandparents so luckily Steph came and picked up Emma and Christian while i rode with Audrey in the ambulance. THANK GOD FOR STEPHANIE, SHE IS AN ANGEL. When we were in the ambulance she finally started talking asking to get down. The hospital was crazy busy so we got a stretcher in the hallway, she had a CT scan where everything was normal, and we were home in two hours. She ate a 1/4 lb hamburger before we left the hospital. So i am really thanking God today, i do every day but i have thanked him 1000 times over, i have seen and heard so many stories from my hospital ER where kids hit their head, lose consciousness and either die from a bleed in their brain, or are vegetables for the rest of their lives. The nurse in me did not take over but the paramedic in Chris did, thank God the firehouse has an o2 tank, b/c it seemed like forever until the ambulance arrived.
So here is my sassy little girl acting silly when we got home with her Easter bucket over her head. THANK YOU GOD FOR LETTING THIS BE MINOR! THANK YOU STEPH FOR DROPPING EVERYTHING AND HELPING.


Stephanie said...

You would have done the same!! I am glad she is OK...love the bucket head Maggie does that and walks around the house and then throws a fit when she can't get it off.

Amanda said...

Hey Audrey you should have had that bucket on your head at the firehouse maybe it would have protected that sassy noggin of yours. LOL ;)Glad you are ok, hugs and kisses!

Jennifer said...

Thank God Audrey is okay. It's amazing how Chris can stay so calm. Thank God for him too. I guess it's true about Audrey...she is always bringing drama to the world. By the way, Connor wants to come see Emma and Audrey. Can't say Christian yet though.