Monday, April 9, 2007

April 9, 207

I didn't post yesterday b/c it was crazy and then i worked last night. Yesterday we went to my mom's for dinner and for an egg hunt. Thankfully she loaded the eggs with money, why didn't she do that when i was little? The kids received way too much candy and next year i think i will ask for books, encyclopedia's (just kidding Amanda), or gift cards to Chuckie Cheese. 1 packet of M&M's will do the trick for our sweet tooth, I have turned into the sugar police. Audrey turned into a little tyrant on the way home from Gammy's house and kept yelling and putting her hand out to "STOP THE CAR NOW, I WANT TO GET DOWN." Luckily and thankfully i was going to work so i just laughed, Chris on the other hand didnt' think it was so funny.. welcome to my world four days out of the week. Emma also was screaming, and all that junk food had something to do with the attitude, not saying my kids are perfect in any means, but ALOT of sugar doesn't help.
off my rant. the second pic is how Christian fell asleep during naptime on SAturday, he was in his room playing and talking so i didn't get him up. he got pretty quiet so i thought i better check it out and somehow he ended up halfway under the bed, i thought it was too cute not to have a Kodak moment of.
Hope everybody's Easter was eggtastic, hee hee. When did Easter become like Christmas with all the gifts?


Stephanie said...

I was wondering the same thing myself accept for in addtion to gifts candy is included and way too much for children!!! Those pics are too cute Christian looks exhausted laying there on the floor. At least it is a nap right don't really care where they sleep.

Amanda said...

The kids look so cute all bundled up for Easter! Totally lovin Christian on the floor.:)

Jennifer said...

Glad to hear Christian is back to naps. He's too cute. I love how the three are all color coordinated in there coats. Crappy cold Easter. We still managed to go outside for a bit yesterday. My nieces and nephews were out all day. Crazy kids!!