Wednesday, April 11, 2007

me and two monkeys

Chris took this picture tonight after baths, they are actually looking at the camera and smiling, Audrey didn't want to be in the picture at least she said no thank you. The kids went to MDO today and i had a nice lunch with some work friends and my friend Wendy who i used to work with, we ate at cracker barrel and it was so good. This evening i swear i have done about 6 loads of laundry and almost done. I am ready for some 65 degree weather with no rain or wind.
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Jennifer said...

Awww, Dana that is such a good pic of the three of you. Two days in a row, Emma is smiling for a pic!! I can't believe it. You should frame this one.

Amanda said...

Ahh so sweet. You have such a polite little Audrey too. LOL if that was Parker I would have grabbed him and said "You don't have a choice!" LOL Then I would have got some whiney face pic and I would have probably looked pretty crazy myself. Hey but it would be a REAL pic. LOL

Can't wait til you get your camera...I'm excited for you!