Friday, April 6, 2007

april 6 2007

here are two pics from today. the first one is Christian painting. He painted on the picture but also all over his face, i really don't like for them to paint, b/c it is sooooo messy with triplets, but it was downright cold today and it was a fun entertaing activity for the kids. Plus i think and hope they are developing creative skills and a dislike for the taste of paint, i mean how many times can you stick the paintbrush in your mouth and realize it isnt' the flavor of the month.
the second picture is the kiddos watching Dora on my bed, Lisa, our cleaning lady was scrubbing the floor on her hands and knees so i wanted them out of her way. Hey if i dont' have to do it for a week i will do anything. LOL I was just laying on my bed chilling while Dora did the enteraintment. I love pictures of them all together,unfortuantely i only get ones of their backs lately.
not much planned for this weekend, we will do a Easter Egg Hunt and just chill. Happy Easter.


Amanda said...

Gotta love painting! Why do they feel the need to paint everything but the paper? Looks like he had fun though. I love Dora and well the tv in general for a few minutes of peace.

Jennifer said...

Christian looks like a clown. Too funny!! Connor loves to paint too. Makes a mess, but it's fun for him. Dora rocks!! I sometimes wish that Connor would sit still for 5 minutes to watch a little tv. Never happens though. He does sing the Diego song and dances to it when it comes on.

Stephanie said...

Looks like he enjoyed himself Maggie doesn't paint yet but I think she would like the taste of paint she likes weird stuff( ie Lotion)!! Yeah TV is a life saver not Dora yet but I am sure we will get there sooner or later.