Saturday, April 28, 2007

saturday april 28th 2007

so today i went with my mom to Soulard Farmers Market, oh my gosh produce is unbeliveiably cheap and super fresh. Chris took the kids over to Sarah's to help assemble their new playland and my mom dropped me off on the way home. The first pic is Meg Sarah's daughter looking at a bug and i think it is kinda different so i posted it. She is a cute girl and thinks i'm funny. the other two pictures Chris took while i was at work, the last picture was Christian rolling on the floor. I'm kinda embarrassed only b/c Christian has a ton of crumbs in his hair after rolling on the floor but it is amazing how much detail this camera picks up. I do like the last one though Chris got some really good shots. Way to go honey.

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Jennifer said...

Glad Chris was able to get a good one of Christian, since he has been a little stinker lately. Cute one of Meg too...she's a doll.

Jennifer said...

Oh yeah, I finally finished the layout I was working on I told you about. Only took me about 2 1/2 hours. AHHHHH... Why do I choose this as a hobby. My brains gets stuck, and frankly it's not very enjoyable when that happens. I will emain you the pic.

Stephanie said...

Love the rolling on the floor picture!! Meg is too cute love the angle of the picture.