Wednesday, April 25, 2007


i couldnt' decide today who to put a picture of b/c i didn't want to play favorites, all though depending on the devils of the day it can be hard not to. I love the look on Emma's face here. Today everybody is doing better althouth Emma has diarrhea and every time she has flatus she cries, i guess it burns I don't know. The stomach cramps that accompanied this virus are nasty, i can vouch still when i put something in my mouth my stomach cramps so bad, i can only imagine how they must feel. good news today Christian has not vomited Yeah. Better get ready for work!
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Stephanie said...

Cute picture...poor baby I bet her booty hurts I know when I had it when I was pregnant it was awful. I can't imagine what is it like for them.

Amanda said...

Love that pic. She's so cute. I hope she feels better soon. :(

Jennifer said...

Love her blue eyes and blonde hair.