Tuesday, April 10, 2007

april 10th 2007

okay this photo was taken yesterday. My mom hid money in the easter eggs so I just threw it in a baggie, Aunt Pam brought each of the kids a plastic piggy bank and they all put their money in it. Here is Emma proud of her piggy and money, they carried them around all night last night. Thanks again for the fun Aunt Pam. Emma won't ever look at the camera anymore, the last time a decent picture of her looking was at the basketball game that Steph took with her new camera.

not much else going on today, our irrigation system is being completed today so no more dragging sprinklers all over the yard every 20 minutes. HOORAY.
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Stephanie said...

Gotta love those piggy banks. Audrey the little queen!!! I love the pic she looks so sweet.B&W is my favorite.

Amanda said...

Hey girl your pics are looking better! We love our piggy banks too.

Jennifer said...

Look at you...becoming quite the photographer!! Love the one of Emma.