Tuesday, April 24, 2007

bag of bones

this is Audrey who now weighs less than Emma, she is my skinny bag of bones, with her flu bug and hardly wanting to eat she has lost 2.5 pounds. tonight she begged to go to bed at 7pm she hasn't asked to go to bed for a long time, she still is wanting to lay around and doesn't have much pep. You poor baby you have had such a rough week.
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Amanda said...

Poor Audrey I hope she gets to feeling better soon. Well I hope all the kids get to feeling better...you too. A birdie told me you had it too. I cannot imagine being sick and also taking care of 3 kiddos. YOU ARE THE WOMAN!!

Jennifer said...

Poor Audrey, she looks totally wiped. As I told you before, I won't be coming to your house for a while. No offense.

Stephanie said...

I think we need a triplet of the year awards Although any mom needs an award once in a while. Hope you are feeling better soon.