Monday, April 16, 2007

April 15 2007

okay i will be posting a couple of pics this was from when we went to the Mills and they were playing on the germy playground, i really like this picture b/c of all the colors in it, and i love Audrey in pigtails, i could just eat her up. Okay when she isn't sassy. LOL. not much has been going on since i last posted, i have been busy with talking to the expecting moms in my triplet group and trying to write updates for our newsletter, yikes. My new camera probably won't be here for awhile, we ordered it from one place and have issues with them so until the disputes get fixed i won't be like Amanda Johnson photography.
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Stephanie said...

Love that slide pic, those pig tails are too cute.

Amanda said...

It wouldn't be FUN mom if it wasn't germy! LOL Love Audrey's pig tails.

Jennifer said...

As always, I love girls in their pig tails. Cute boots too!