Sunday, August 2, 2009

fun stuff

once again not much excitement around here but all is well, which is good with 4 kids! Summer is getting close to a close and I am not ready for it. yes I am ready for the kids to start pre K and get in a routine but I feel like I haven't used my pool membership as much, although 2 years ago we were there almost every day and next year hopefully close to that. This past weekend was the Mascoutah Homecoming, my most favorite thing of the summer (excluding vacations) fish sandwiches and beer and most of all seeing people i haven't seen in awhile. Although with facebook I feel like I get to talk to them a little more. My cousin and her kids came and spent the afternoon with us on Friday and then off to the Homecoming we went, the kids except for haydo rode rides, and the reason i didn't let Haydo was b/c I was afraid there would be a temper tantrum from him getting him off the rides and I wasn't ready to go home. In the last picture I wanted the kids to give me a group shot, they were less than pleased b/c i was interrupting their ride time hence the picture. Emma obliged but Audrey and Christian were less than thrilled. The kids had thier last day of mothers day out on Thursday, I wanted to cry. The teachers all hugged them when we left and said they would miss them so much,they have been around my kids since just before they were 2. It still is a struggle that they won't go there next year, I am still wondering if I made the right decision but I paid my first month dues of 331 for thier preschool and it is non refundable so that makes it a little easier. I know they will have a great teachers and I hope they are loved half as much as they were at First Christian (tears are in my eyes) It is so hard, I struggle with the fact that there was one teacher that didn't mesh with Christian and I don't want anyone being mean to my kids, in life thats how it is I know but I hope that if they dont' mesh they don't show it. The kids are looking forward to thier new school and it helps that I know their teacher and she has spent some time with them in the past (she was kind enough to babysit a couple of times).
On a lighter note we got the new door installed and our new desk I will have to post pics, it looks awesome, I just need to call the painter to paint the doors. I also wanted to say congratulations to the Johnson family on thier newest addition Chloe, we can't wait to meet her and hope you adjust to life with 3 kids quickly, there never is a dull moment!

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Stephanie said...

I am sure the kids will have a great time at the new school. Yeah I hate tha summer is almost over and it has just really flown by!