Monday, July 20, 2009

summer fun

Wow I can't beleive we are nearing the end of July, the summer has flown by and soon will start the last year of the triplets before they enter the big K, I am so lucky in more ways than one to have another year. Next year they will go to K and Hayden will start mdo one day a week, and wow what will I ever do with my time, hopefully I will have a strategy for some time management. Our summer has been busy going to the pool, playing outside, and me and the triplets have been doing bike rides in the evenings. Okay I don't have a bike but I push Haydo in the stroller and the trips ride thier bikes about 2 miles which is a workout in itself considering someone always ends up falling but its cute because one of the other kids will get off thier bike and help the other back up. I can't believe in 2 months my kids will be turning 5, wow how blessed am I. Initially I have to say that when they were born it was the greatest time in my life, it helped me realize what is really important, umm sleep, and the friendships that I have made. I can't even begin to describe how isolated I felt from friends. Then I joined my mulitples group and with that group I have made some really great friends, who else can i have walk through my tornado house and know that they won't judge me because they have been there and done that.
Work has been awesome I love it and truly feel blessed to found a job that i absolutely LOVE and work with great people. And apparently I am good at something because I got a great review also which is a big morale booster for me. I started this week with a part time status and i will be working 2 shifts a week, I get paid vacation and sick time, not to mention life insurance and some other great benefits. can i just say one more time that i love my job, yes i am gloating but after the last 7 months at my old job I needed this.
The kids are doing wonderful, getting big an sassy as ever, and oh my the questions. Christian asked me the other day "if you and daddy die who will we live with" "if God steps on me it will hurt because God is big" death questions x3 kiddos is alot to handle. Christian told my mom the other day that when chris and I die he will live with Aunt Cathy and Emma said she will live with my mom,haha. Hayden is also doing good, getting into everything, did Imention he likes to unplug stuff and then plug it back in, or take the handles off the bathub, empty out the drawers and then just giggle. But besides being a busy boy the shrieks that i hear when i come home from being gone are enough to melt my heart all over again. How lucky am I to have 4 kids to run and greet me and to see the excitement that I am home, home for me is truly where the heart is....

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Jennifer said...

Tears in my eyes for all the sweet things you said about the kiddos. It's amazing how they can change our lives and make us better people.

Have you read my blog, I have the death questions too...It's quite overwhelming, I can't imagine times three...