Thursday, June 18, 2009

my little ballerina's

I always say i am going to be better about blogging, I'm not in fact i don't really try or even have the free time lately to try. Yes I only work part time but EVERYBODY i s busy and life just gets hectic. The weather lately has just been crazy either it is raining or sunny so yesterday in the midst of the summer heat we headed to the pool. I took all 4 of the kids around 11 and we stayed till about 230, I was surprised Hayden made it that long, he has a cold and cough and is just not his usual self. Last night after we put him to bed he was up about ever 45-1 until midnight, i for sure was thinking he had an ear infection but he slept from midnight on so i am thinking the poor baby was just overtired. Chrisian, Em and Audrey had an awesome time splashing around, they are getting so good at swimming underwater, especially the girls. I think on Friday if I can get a sitter for Hayden I am going to take them in the big pool without floaties on and work with them. Emma jumped in a pool last week in the deeper end, forgot she didn't have her floaties on ( so did I, I got busy putting Audrey and Christian's on) she swam to the top but then freaked out. I was holding Hayden at the time so I pulled her out of the pooll by one arm, im sure it looked horrible but hey she didn't drown. The first picture was the night of thier spring concert,, for those of you who know his belly laugh that is what he is doing in this picture. the next pictures are from thier recital, they did pretty well and were the most beautiful ballerina's ever. When the girls came out to the kitchen with all of thier makeup, chris wanted to know if their makeup was supposed to be hooker heavy, which it was but they LOVED having makeup put on. especially diva Audrey, the other day when i picked them up from school I asked Audrey how her day was when she got in the van, and she replied "i need to put on my lipgloss first" as she pulled it out of her purse and put it on (picture me rolling my eyes). In other exciting news Hayden is walking everywhere full time, he really no longer crawls, which is sad my baby is becoming a toddler before my eyes, he is still in love with his mama and his siblings especially Emma, he says, Meddie, Hi, Audrey. pretty good, i knew my kids were geniuses. LOL oh well i have a staff meeting this am and need to get the kids lunches ready, only to discover this am my new loaf of bread is MOLDY, the stawberries out in the garage refridge are FROZEN, ughh so after i get ready it is off to schnucks to get some bread to make some sandwiches. man i hope this doesn't prelude to how the rest of my day is going to be.

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Jennifer said...

I can just hear Christian laughing! This girls look so cute!