Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A day with my boys

Its been awhile since i posted, i didn't even do a 10 month update on Hayden so i will include that here also. Life has been a little hectic lately with my new job which i can't even begin to tell you how much i LOVE it, seriously every time i work I thank God for leading me there. I realize how unhappy i was at my old job and the difference is amazing. since i am orientating i am working more for right now which i do like, espescially the money. I ran a 5K this past Sunday and it was awesome, the weather was great and i felt good through the whole thing. I need to run today but Christian has been ill and had a fever last night so we can't go today. He is doing fine i think he just has some respiratory thing going on, which i now have. Yesterday i kept Christian home from school and it was so nice outside so we blew bubbles.
Hayden's 10 month update is the boy is getting big, he is the happiest baby, and LOVES his siblings. This punching balloon is awesome for entertaining him, i know it is completely age appropriate, but hey it works great when trying to fix dinner. the side pic of Hayden he was belly laughing when Christian was blowing bubbles, it was too cute not too post. He is starting to cruise around furniture, does "so big", peek a book, and tries to get into my cabinets. I can't believe he is 10 months already. His sleeping also is much better, he goes down around 730-8, will sleep till 4 then eat, then sleep till 7 and wake up babbling. He also loves to be held which i am more than happy to oblige since i didn't get to constantly hold the triplets, although maybe i did with christian since he was the mama's boy. I don't think you can spoil them enough with love. People alwasy tell me treasure them b/c they grow up fast which i can start to fathom with the triplets. so i am trying to be more patient and not worry so much about the messes, I want them to look back and remember the fun not the clean house, dishes, or whatever.
Off to get ready and then play some more with the trips while Hayden naps.

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Stephanie said...

Your boys are too cute, I am glad you had such a good day with them.

Laurie said...

wow, I didn't realize that he was almost 12 months! Jeez, time is flyin! I love the black and white pic of him...isn't it cute when they crack up at their older sibs?